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So much more than just Reiki: Different Modalities

Although I have been blessed to have been attuned by incredible Reiki teachers, I feel it is my obligation as a true coach, who desires everyone that seeks knowledge to become completely self reliant and proficient, to also talk a little about different healing modalities and belief systems.

As a teacher, I am also a life long student. I have been researching different spiritual paths not only for self knowledge, but also to be a more effective energy healer and spiritual coach. It makes sense to learn as much as you can about as many different religions, spiritual practices and healing modalities to be able to provide the best service to you, the recipient. I understand that my clients will come from many different paths and spiritual backgrounds, which is why it is important that the treatments I provide are tailored specifically for the recipient.

Extending past Reiki, I have researched Native American Shamans, Christian Saints, healing mystics, to witches, to understand as much as I could to be a well rounded student and practitioner. I took it a step further to then understand what was going on in the mind and psychology of the recipients and practitioners to understand how the treatments were so effective. As it turns out, the world of psychology is closely aligned with the meta-physical in that the power of belief and perspective causes incredible results. Furthering my psychology and N.L.P. (neuro-linguistic programing) studies from renowned leaders in the field such as Carl Jung, B.F. Skinner, Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler, I was able to understand how the brain works and responds to various situations including meditation, trance, etc... As it turns out, something amazing occurs when one incorporates the power of firm, psychology belief with that of the meta-physical “anything is possible” world. Results actually occur in accordance to what you begin accepting as fact. To put it simply with another analogy, we all essentially live in a dark room that of which is reality. What we experience and see is contingent on where we point our flash lights. Of course this goes far beyond the fluffy new age fad of The Secret, that falsely claims an individual into thinking that thought alone, without actions, can manifest any types of results. Action however, along with the law of attraction concept, very specific meta-physical and psychological techniques, can and will create unbelievable results.

By now you likely understand that I am open and receptive to all ideas and concepts, which is why I do not recommend anyone with a physical ailment that demands professional medical treatment to use holistic services such as Energy Path Now alone. It is to everyone’s advantage to use the abundant resources provided to us and we have made great advancements in the world of medicine. There have also been great strides to seeing the benefits of holistic treatments such as Reiki and Energy Path Now services.

I trust everyone should have the opportunity to tap into their unlimited potential and experience what I do every day, which is why I am making my services accessible to anyone interested. I was never the same after I received my first Reiki treatment, and am blessed with the ability to provide Reiki along with the other complimentary services such as Reflections of Now readings, which far surpass any benefit one would get from a traditional psychic reading. Although I do have a Mediumship Level 1 certificate to practice as a medium, I find that when one passes over, they are in a world of peace and happiness and wish nothing but the best for anyone still on our plane of existence. The messages are always consistently that of love and forgiveness. Although a medium can certainly be entertaining, I choose to use my skills in what I consider more constructive ways to help further humanities fullest potential. As a long time student, I am also truly excited to relay all of the information and techniques I have learned to others as a teacher and coach. There are clients that are taken advantage of by other practitioners encouraging repeat visits due to fear and confusion. I will never abuse my knowledge and talents in this way and encourage all to life mastery, to eventually find a day where they have learned so much from me, that they may desire to begin their own practice and pass along the gift of knowledge and understanding.


Gino Burgio