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Reiki and general Disclaimer

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if someone has a serious health imbalance they should see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. All healing is self healing the practitioner works with the crystals and with other methods to assist themselves and others in facilitating their own healing. Reiki Treatment does not use any tissue manipulation or massage and does not ever involve sexual contact of any kind under any circumstance. Unethical people have been known to abuse other people under the pretext of spiritual , holistic and complementary healing. Such people should be reported to authorities promptly.

In no event can Gino Burgio d.b.a. Energy Path Now, be liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information or data provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, membership, negligence or other actions.

Psychic and general Disclaimer

Gino Burgio d.b.a. Energy Path Now is formed with the strategic mission to provide services in the provision of personal psychic phone, personal and Internet readings to individuals that desire positive and helpful insight to present and future life issues.

Gino Burgio d.b.a. Energy Path Now promises to use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the clients to the service are given positive guidance, however if the client is requesting information relating to:

  • Legal matters : It is recommend that clients seek advice from a solicitor/ lawyer

  • Medical questions : the client must seek medical advice from a professional

  • Business questions : the client must seek further advice from a financial adviser

  • Mental disorders : the client must Clarify their condition by taking Professional advice from a health professional

Gino Burgio d.b.a. Energy Path Now shall not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or event incurred in the process of providing a service (psychic readings) to the clients.

Gino Burgio d.b.a. Energy Path Now will not be held responsible for any damages that are the result of using this site or his services.
This includes the below terms that are likely to cause damage:

  • Failure of the site to conform to the manner or expectation you expected or desired

  • Linguistic or other types of error

  • Omissions

  • Interruption in the services available on the website

  • Computer virus delays

I am also not liable for any damages caused by:

  • Damages caused to compensate someone from loss or injury

  • Consequential Damages

  • Incidental Damages

Psychic Readings

All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.

By engaging in a reading with any psychic, you understand that psychic experts do not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death.

I will not be liable for the death or personal injury resulting from the negligence on my behalf, or for fraudulent misrepresentation.

You understand that the use of this website is merely for referencing purposes and is not intended to be regarded as professional judgment or advice.

Further, I do not represent that:

  1. the service will meet your requirements

  2. the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free

  3. any results obtained from using the service will be accurate, complete or current

I or anyone involved with the provision of these services shall not be liable for any damages arising from the inability to use the services or from errors caused by negligence or otherwise.

I am not liable for delays in providing information or carrying out our obligations due to factors beyond our control.

Links to Other Sites

I provide referrals and links to other websites from this site, which should not be seen as an endorsement, approval, or agreement with that external site. Any material you may find offensive on that site has no relation whatsoever to ours, and I am not liable for it.


This site and its owners are not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using the psychic information on this site or its content.

All psychic, mediumship, tarot and clairvoyant readings are for entertainment only.