Please note, although REIKI/Energy work is recommended to be experienced on site, all of the below services are accessible via Skype or Google Hangouts.

REIKI/Energy Work - Using a client focused approach to energy healing, Gino's diverse understanding of alternative modalities, provides a powerful experience tailored to what specifically resonates with you and your unique spiritual path. Release months or even years of lower vibration pent up energy and feel the difference. Feel revitalized and regenerated to do the activities you love most! Can you imagine what that would feel like? Schedule a session today to experience and give your mind, body and soul a much needed tune up.

REIKI & Energy Work Rates: 

30 Minutes: $60

45 Minutes: $80

Readings - Reflections of Now - Are you looking for answers regarding an uncertain path or difficult decision? Perhaps you are just looking for general clarity and direction. Using advanced divination techniques, receive information from your higher guides and perspective to show you where you and your energy currently are in the present moment. Rather than just receive a passive reading, Gino will help guide you to where you desire to be and assist you to shape your destiny with will power and focused intention to overcome your obstacles. Reflections of Now readings, in this way, are informative and proactive in assisting you to achieve the goals that lay deep within your heart, opposed to parlor predictions that play off of peoples fear and offer very little in the way of actual insight.

A good way to help describe Gino's unique readings is this; If you were to take a snapshot of you and your life's current energy patterns and momentum, for better of for worse, it would be leading you towards a particular direction. Receiving the reading gives insight to making the necessary and critical adjustments to allow you to achieve the happiness you deserve. Your potential is limitless and based ONLY on the limits you personally create.

Reading - Reflections of Now Rates:

30 Minutes $60

50 Minutes $90

Spirit, Life and Couples Coaching - Looking to expand on your mind, soul or relationship, however don't know where to go? Encompassing all faiths and beliefs, Gino marries psychology with a study of the esoteric arts to break down complex techniques and preparation for real life manifestation. Learn how to communicate more effectively with yourself and others, to allow you to life the life you always dreamed. Gain insight and valuable tools to move forward toward your goals and dreams every single day with applied action combined with metaphysical manifestation techniques.

Feeling like a relationship with you partner has hit it's peak, when you feel like it should still be propelling into the cosmos? Expand your relationships potential from an unbiased third party, from a higher perspective to understand ways to grow interdependently.

Coaching Rates:

30 Minutes $60

50 Minutes $90

Paranormal on-site Investigation & Cleansing - For more information Click Here.

Financial strain should not be a dictator of ones happiness and self betterment. In such situations for qualified clients, a sliding pay scale will be accommodated and/or a specialist co-payment insurance matching program.