Paranormal On-Site Investigation & Cleansing

Are you moving into a new home?

​Are you living in an existing home or apartment, and have noticed some events that can't be explained?

Living in New England, you know some of the homes and structures have been around since the colonial days. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, along with the neighboring states​, have had a rich historical background, involving incredible energy and spiritual individuals.

In particular, Indians and Witch's, or sadly those that were accused of being witch's and wrongfully executed, have long been a part of our culture here in New England. Unlike your everyday commoner, these individuals had an enhanced understanding of the Universe, Spirits and manipulating mind and matter to their will.

This abundance of incredibly spiritual and esoteric individuals, concentrated in one particular area for a long time, creates a deep and intense current of energy.

Take that out of the equation, and just take into consideration the houses that have been around for hundreds of years....families....energies....pent up... in the same house for as long as it's been built and what do you get?

Well, if you've stumbled upon this page, then it is by no accident and you know exactly what I'm talking about, likely because you have experienced it before, or perhaps want to make sure you clear the energy of any new home that you have decided to occupy. 

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